Spicy Farmers is a social enterprise aiming to empower communities and preserve wildlife in Liwonde National Park, through the production and sale of high-quality bird's eye chillies. These communities are situated in one of the most remote areas of Malawi with limited access to employment opportunities and severe conflicts with elephants causing crop damages. Spicy Farmers is founded to train smallholder farmers in these communities, guarantee markets, and provide the inputs and resources required to grow chillies as a source of income, and to remove the incentive for elephants to break out of the National Park (they appear to dislike chillies). This will empower people in the communities to build an economic foundation to improve their lives, while also ensuring preservation of Liwonde National Park for future generations.


Working with local partners

We work with African Parks and Total LandCare, both well-known and high-performing NGOs in Malawi with a long-term mindset.

Encouraging collaboration

We currently have 150 farmers under contract, growing chillies on 30 hectares of - soon to be -irrigated land.

Providing tools and equipment

We ensure farmers have everything they need to produce high-quality chillies, including seeds, fertilisers, irrigation systems and tools.

Guaranteeing fair markets

We buy all the chillies from the farmers at an upfront agreed price per quality grade and ensure fair grading.

Resolving human-elephant conflicts

We monitor the farms to ensure chilli fields are large enough to form a natural border, preventing elephants from entering the fields.


We have targeted ten communities around Liwonde National Park in Malawi. Liwonde National Park faces growing threats from human population pressures, manifested in increased human-elephant conflicts. Our targeted communities are situated in four so-called 'hotspots', known for having the highest human-elephant conflicts with significant crop damage. This year we have started by farming bird's eye chillies on 30 hectares of - soon to be - irrigated land in one of the four hotspots. Of course, we would like to expand fast and also start supporting the communities in the remaining three hotspots. However, for now it is important we give all our love and attention to the first 30 hectares to ensure we do our work properly. These farmers deserve a dedicated team that actually improves their lives instead of making it worse. We therefore aim to build this company step-by-step, expanding to 100 hectares of bird's eye chilli farms, divided over all four hotspots, in the coming ten years.


Spicy Farmers on Instagram

We would love to keep you in the loop of our adventures and therefore created our own Spicy Farmers Instagram account. Here you can find the latest updates of the project and in the future we also aim to share some personal stories of our local farmers. 


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Irrigation systems

Malawi has a tropical climate and therefore a rainy and a dry season. Especially during the dry season it is very difficult to grow food crops, but also during the rainy season it can challenging. Sometimes rainfall can be too heavy for the crops, while at other times it is too little.


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First community meeting

We are living in strange times and unfortunately, COVID also hit Malawi. This caused some serious delays in the project. However, we all had to learn how to adapt and so they did in Malawi! With proper distance and facial masks, it was possible to meet in person.


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How it all started

What if you can quit your job for just a few months - what would you do? If you could do anything you want, would you pursue your wildest dream? Frederik and Maureen dreamed of a small business in Africa, where they could help people in need.


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